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Motion to Alter, Amend, or Vacate Judgement/ Appeal of Justice Court “November-9 Mob Dominated Trial”

Matt Reardon goes above and beyond expectations in filing a M.R.C.P Rule 59 Motion to Alter, Amend, or Vacate Judgement/ Appeal of Justice Court “November-9 Mob Dominated Trial” on 12/3/2021 less than 2 weeks after Filing a Rule 60 Motion to re-open his 2017 Criminal Case in which he alleges complete deprivation of his Due Process/Constitutional Rights

MS Attorney General responds to Court of Appeals Motion for Peremptory Reversal. Here is my response back

Disgust and Tasteless are the two words that instantaneously come to mind when I read over this response by MS Attorney General Lynn Fitch and her Special Assistant Attorney General Barbara Byrd. It would certainly appear on its face that they are choosing to attack my appeal on grounds of technicality, not facts and merits. This is certainly no surprise to me, although it is disheartening in that this office is demonstrating their much higher interest in the rules set forth in the Mississippi Rules of Appellate Procedure while batting an eye and throwing care to the wind when it comes to the Mississippi Rules of Criminal Procedure. In my opinion, all law enforcement officials and most definitely the State Attorney General MUST put a much higher level of care and interest in making sure the rights of the accused are protected, which involves having full knowledge of and placing the highest of priorities into the Rules of criminal first and foremost

Reardon Files Shocking LAST MINUTE motion with Court Of Appeals to Vacate Plea and Reverse Original Judgement in 2017 Criminal Case

In 2017 he was banished from Oxford, MS and Lafayette County along with signing a Covenant to Not Sue the City, County, Sheriffs Department, Elected Officials, and Employees. Now In 2021, Matt Reardon AKA Oxford Outlaw files an absolutely shocking Last minute “One and Done” motion for Peremptory Reversal to the Mississippi Court of Appeals at 11:59pm on September 16th to vacate his plea made and reverse judgement and order of the original 2017 criminal charge!


SHOCKING VIDEO! Serious Concerns raised in this 10-minute Video places Sheriff, Sheriffs Department, and Officials in the HOTSEAT in Lafayette County Crime Racket!

Matt Reardon AKA The Oxford Outlaw makes a shocking discovery and calls on Governor Tate Reeves to immediately probe the Lafayette county Sheriffs Department, Sheriff Joey East, and Other Officials for their direct involvement in a multitude of crimes committed in Lafayette County Mississippi. 

Watch this short SHOCKING video just uploaded to YouTube here. Imagine if everything mentioned happened to you. There is not much room for error and mistakes made when they directly lead to life impacting damages. What I’m talking about is MUCH more than inadvertence or mistakes. I’m talking about intentional, conspired upon politically motivated attacks through the most heinous abuses of power. I believe Governor Tate Reeves certainly has an obligation as Mississippi Governor to probe all of this. As does the State Auditors Office and the Mississippi Attorney Generals Office headed up by Lynn Fitch… But I have been patiently waiting for nearly a year and a half for Attorney General Lynn Fitch to investigate everything at no avail, and I’m certainly not going to hold my breath in waiting for any movement there

This is a continued developing story.

More updates to be provided.