Oxford Outlaw Matt Reardon files notice of appeal to MS Supreme Court

Oxford Outlaw Matt Reardon files notice of appeal to MS Supreme Court MONDAY 10/5/20

Values, moral standards, and ethics have faded fast, and the true lack of care and empathy shown by society to a complete and flagrant abuse and downright destruction of our legal and judicial system is reckless and the thought of being a nation without laws is just about as scary as the thought of a nation unlawfully imprisoning it’s citizens under false pretenses, so I want to make this crystal clear. Society has completely gone to shit! And I mean every single letter in saying that! The latest news about the complete fraud demonstrated by Lafayette County Circuit Court and this circuit court judge is downright disgusting. My case has been tainted with corrupt acts and further obstruction to go along with everything that I have alleged since the beginning! The absolutely jaw dropping framed crimes against a USMC Veteran whom has proven literally every single thing, shown every sliver of evidence and every angle, and further shown the complete negligence, intentional acts, and obstructionist tactics to do everything in their power to not only destroy the life of an innocent man, but to keep an innocent United States Marine Corps Veteran’s life completely destroyed without the slightest BIT of remorse shown further demonstrates the intentional malice shown and the flagrant downright abuse of our legal/judicial system which has gone so far off course in what is clear as a full blown declaration of war on its own citizens and even those that have pledged a life long oath to our Country’s defense to include it’s constitution which should be ironclad and instead it’s seemingly disregarded. The only peaceful resolution to everything is to echo the atrocity of everything, not remain quiet enabling it. At this point it is up to the citizens, we the people, to push back and fight back to make it crystal clear that this type of disgusting behavior will never be tolerated! That is why we have laws and what has been witnessed is a system completely contrary to the system our country is supposed to be ironclad on! Where are the senators? Where are the congressmen? The silence is sickening and extremely enabling! Anything short of a congressional investigation and congressional hearing on all of this would not only be a complete disservice but completely destructive to our nation, its laws, its values, its ethics, and its way of life with the precedence it ushers in. This is an all out attack on American Soil and I have a lifelong sworn oath to uphold in defending against all enemies BOTH foreign AND DOMESTIC, so help me God! Let this notice of appeal serve as the initial stomp of my boot in putting my foot down and saying enough is enough of the fragrant abuse of our legal system that has been deteriorating throughout the years.


  • Notice of Appeal pg1
  • Notice of Appeal pg2
  • Notice of Appeal pg3
  • Notice of Appeal pg4
  • Notice of Appeal pg5
  • Notice of Appeal pg6

Read and flip through the 6 page filing

Reardon prepared the lengthy notice in response (and with disgust noted) to Judge John Kelly Luther denying not just one, but ALL of Reardon’s motions (which are listed below) that were brought before the court. Even worse, Luther entered THREE separate denials, and Reardon asserts that the final denial by Luther was a smug insult to his intelligence as the last motion he filed was a Motion to Compel and Preserve Evidence on 8/26/20. Luther not only DENIED the said motion on 9/3/20, but went as far as calling the motion “MOOT” when it alleged the extremely serious issues it did! The threshold simply to make to preserve and come forward with evidence should never require a high preponderance of evidence, never has, never was. However as documented on Riding With The Outlaw, the information and Evidence I have gathered is substantial and this trial judges complete refusal to allow it, hear it, and even to enter an order of protection in said matter has destroyed credibility and trust in the eyes of the plaintiff

  • 3rd Order of Denial from Luther
  • 2nd Order of Denial from Luther
  • 1st Order of Denial from Luther

The words that describe the latest developments in the live documentary series “Riding With The Outlaw” are beyond destructive! Not just to me, but to our rights as a whole as citizens.

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