This certainly is playing out to be a one-of-a-kind story like none other. A David vs Goliath story for the 21st Century. A Massive corruption scandal involving election fraud that continues its crime roll unchecked by other agencies, the media, the courts, and even society. The new video above (which is being sent to the MS Supreme Court and Court of Appeals) demonstrates more of exactly what has been claimed by Matt Reardon whom was banished from Oxford and Lafayette County just 4 years ago. Further solidifying what Reardon defines as a cooked up “witch hunt” initiated by Lafayette County in which the county further conspired to not only deprive the rights of another, but has even committed multiple crimes in it’s continued interest to “dodge bullets” and “cover it’s tracks”.

“An illegitimate mayor”, Reardon claims, “that should never hold a public office or position of public trust again.” Complete decimation and even a Public Execution of the Constitution. Meanwhile society as a whole remains silent when they should be completely outraged, believing that they themselves could be next if the true criminals got away with these acts of treason. The State Government completely weaponizing its courts and Law Enforcement by political pressure and not constitutional law as every court should govern in order to operate fairly, ethically, and just.

A 34 year old USMC Veteran whom swore a lifelong oath to the defense of our country and its constitution, yet made to a Government that not only flat out refused to afford him protections against its own institutionalized corruption, but knowingly played a part in destroying him just 4 years prior. A man with his whole life ahead of him with tremendous potential had been dealt essentially a career ending blow. In his (somewhat short) career in sales and marketing He had risen through the ranks. Ran a National sales division for a cutting edge marketing company based out of Connecticut. Then Helped launch a transportation collection company out of Olive Branch, MS directly following that up. A will and a want to help others and not afraid to stick his neck out there to be heard, not afraid to do the things today that most won’t in order to do the things later that most can’t. A hardened personality of determination, insistence, and perseverance, yet a man highly misunderstood.

Imagine the jolting stop and complete disruption that creates going from living comfortably and not having to worry about items of security and necessity like rent and car note, to losing 3 homes in the past 4 years directly the result of being framed by the local and state government utilizing the help of the chief Federal Law Enforcement Agency, the Department of Justice. They chose one of the stupidest crimes to run with which was an impossibility to have been committed. All to avoid a lawsuit from a prior false arrest and to provide benefit and assistance to the incoming Mayor whom comes up for re-election next month! That through a “Trickle Down” effect has now employed and involved all 3 branches of Government including the DOJ, multiple state agencies, multiple courts, Judges, and even the cooperation of many attorneys whom among those is Rhea Tannehill, the husband of the Oxford Mayor.

Demonstrating a complete refusal to back down and ferociousness in the face of fear, Matt Reardon instead chose the route of learning the laws, court procedures, and completely sharpening of his skills as an investigative Journalist.

Shown above is the latest Documentary release “The Patriot Games Continue”.

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I need society to align itself on this for the sake of our legal system as well as our freedoms.

Be Brave, Be Bold, Be Courageous, and make your stand

Matt Reardon

Guerrilla Journalist, Editor, Reporter, Producer, & Director of RIDING WITH THE OUTLAW| The Oxford Outlaw


When freedom is outlawed, only outlaws will be free

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