LAFAYETTE COUNTY SHERIFF JOEY EAST: Immediately Release Camera Footage to the Public from 12/28/2020 or Immediately Suspend Courtney Dixon from Active Patrol Duty

It’s way passed time for Lafayette County Sheriff Joey East and Lafayette County to take their responsibilities and duties seriously. I’ve got a message for Sheriff Joey East of the Lafayette County Sheriffs Office and it is very clear. Release the tapes of the 12/28/2020 arrest in the parking lot of Lafayette County Sheriffs Office or Immediately Suspend Courtney Dixon from active patrol pending an Internal Affairs Investigation. It is absolutely imperative to have and maintain a high level of transparency, fairness, and decency when maintaining a position garnering of public integrity and trust. There has been far too many shady occurrences and calls over the past few years involving this very department and I find it absolutely necessary for an audit into operations to happen. So in all fairness I believe that audit should happen in one of two ways. Either a public audit of examination or an internal audit. Let it be known that the intentional suppression of evidence and the intentional suppression and intimidation of witnesses will never be condoned, not now not ever. Demonstrate that you can be trusted. Make the call

-Matt “Outlaw” Reardon

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