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A Wake-Up Call for America- Hopefully

Watch these key moments that have set Riding With The Outlaw into a seemingly winner take all centered around 42 USC 1986, 42 USC 1985, and 42 USC 1983.

There are 2 new noteworthy updates on MATTREARDON.COM and many more that are a work in progress. These include the evidence of the 6/19/2021 incident involving Liz Crowder on Fathers Day Weekend which is comprised of audio, video, and any correspondence leading up to the 19th, and without a doubt Jay Chain should consider exculpatory and in turn dismiss these 3 charges pursuant to my 3rd motion to dismiss.

The 2nd big update is this video. This is a new 56-min video that has mind boggling amounts of public Corruption and deceit. Trust me, I have documented MUCH more over the past 16 months in conducting an independent investigation after the proper state and federal agencies with oversight refused to probe it which created problems galore in that move alone. Riding With The Outlaw is my personal quest for vindication and justice in a match-up that could likely intimidate David and Goliath.

Press Credentials

Straight into #BeastMode


Liz Crowder has had quite the track history in making less than honest claims which have involved a multitude of courts and jurisdictions. This evidence released ahead of trial shows yet again frivolous unwarranted charges levied against Reardon by Crowder simply for him going to Crowder’s house attempting to get his 6-year old child for not only his regular scheduled visitation with her, but also Father’s Day weekend. If the courts won’t hold her accountable for initiating these types of frivolous no-grip charges and continues letting her get away with it unpunished in regards to her malicious acts which continue to consume more and more time and resources including tax dollars, maybe a little public attention on the matter at hand will serve as a future deterrent.

Do you think this brief exchange warranted a trespassing charge AND family disturbance given that it was private property, and exchange between two where one was refusing access to the other’s minor child?

That was the only communication sent. Couland that possibly be the “harassing and threatening phone call” that was conjured up?

By the way, her 3rd accused charge of Harassing phone calls was sham to begin with because not one single phone call was made. Just more abominable LIES! Phone records will tell this one clearly



So we will add the new three from 6/19/2021 to the thick stack that’s getting thicker over the course of 4-5 years, and hope like hell a court or the sheriffs department shuts her down from making anymore false claim ESPECIALLY WITH HOW OLIVE BRANCH MUNICIPAL COURT TREATED IT! NO PUNISHING/DETERRING MESSAGE SENT WHICH IN TURN FUELED THE FIRE!

New motion submitted August 2nd 2021 to Justice Court airing another constitutional concern of Reardon’s

42 US Code 1985- What it means to Lafayette County Sheriffs Department and others that have gone on Hiatus

Watch this 3 minute video to learn more about it. Be on the lookout next for a special interest piece on The Earlene Gardner Victims ASSistance Project; a DOJ funded project which through my own first-hand experience have witnessed completely fraudulent, falsifying, unethical, unscrupulous behavior for a “non-profit organization” that continues showing an insistence of operating in morally unsatisfying ways. I could create a page in itself that goes into great detail and I may just do that

EMAIL STRING: More financed attacks courtesy of the DOJ


Your Client isn’t a victim. Your client creates victims and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to look at the facts, recordings, plethora of evidence which plainly show the full narrative here. All of this is smoke and mirrors orchestrated through someone higher pulling puppet strings. You are a puppet, she is a puppet, Judge Leslie Shumake is a puppet. I’m going to expose it for everything it and the hand everyone who plays a hand in it plays, leaving no stone unturned. This is just great to hear more DOJ involvement when I have made DIRECT accusations of involvement, collusion, and gross mishandling of records. That’s no worthless claim or conspiracy theory. That is based on fact and evidence I possess and will be turning over.

I’m all in fully committed. Get ready for the fight of your life in the court room.


Matt –

Our project does not receive any money from the State of Mississippi.  We are funded through OVC/DOJ Office of Justice Programs.  We occasionally receive court ordered attorney fees from our cases.  Those fees go directly into project funding and are not held separately.  We do not solicit nor receive any private funding.  Should you need further information please let me know.

Feel free to argue whatever theories and worthless claims you choose. 

My only concern, as always, is for the safety and well being of my client(s).

Thank you,

Christi McCoy

Project Director

The Earlene Gardner Victims Assistance Project

From : Matt Reardon<[email protected]>
To : “Cmccoy”<[email protected]>
Date : Thu, 15 Jul 2021 18:05:10 -0700
Subject : Re: Lafayette County Justice Court


I am going to need records of every donor and source of funding including any grant money received by the State Of Mississippi which goes to fund the The Earlene Gardner Victims Assistance Project. 
Being the Project Director, would you be willing to voluntary provide that information to me or will I have to successfully argue for it in court? I’d sure hate to be accused by you of “using the courts as a playground to try theories and file worthless claims” 

From : Christi McCoy<[email protected]>
To : “Matt Reardon”<[email protected]>
Date : Thu, 15 Jul 2021 19:58:10 -0700
Subject : Lafayette County Justice Court

Matt –

Please see attached letter.  I have mailed it to the last address for you on file with Chancery.  However, I was advised you no longer live there and I wanted to assure it reached you.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Christi McCoy

Project Director
The Earlene Gardner Victims Assistance Project

RAW FEELINGS OF BETRAYAL AND ANGER SENT: A Public Message To The FBI, US Attorneys Office, and United States Department Of Justice

Matt Reardon Also Known As “The Oxford Outlaw” due to being Banished from the city of Oxford, MS and Lafayette County, MS in July of 2017, continues …

RAW FEELINGS OF BETRAYAL AND ANGER SENT: A Public Message To The FBI, US Attorneys Office, and United States Department Of Justice


This certainly is playing out to be a one-of-a-kind story like none other. A David vs Goliath story for the 21st Century. A Massive corruption scandal involving election fraud that continues its crime roll unchecked by other agencies, the media, the courts, and even society. The new video above (which is being sent to the MS Supreme Court and Court of Appeals) demonstrates more of exactly what has been claimed by Matt Reardon whom was banished from Oxford and Lafayette County just 4 years ago. Further solidifying what Reardon defines as a cooked up “witch hunt” initiated by Lafayette County in which the county further conspired to not only deprive the rights of another, but has even committed multiple crimes in it’s continued interest to “dodge bullets” and “cover it’s tracks”.

“An illegitimate mayor”, Reardon claims, “that should never hold a public office or position of public trust again.” Complete decimation and even a Public Execution of the Constitution. Meanwhile society as a whole remains silent when they should be completely outraged, believing that they themselves could be next if the true criminals got away with these acts of treason. The State Government completely weaponizing its courts and Law Enforcement by political pressure and not constitutional law as every court should govern in order to operate fairly, ethically, and just.

A 34 year old USMC Veteran whom swore a lifelong oath to the defense of our country and its constitution, yet made to a Government that not only flat out refused to afford him protections against its own institutionalized corruption, but knowingly played a part in destroying him just 4 years prior. A man with his whole life ahead of him with tremendous potential had been dealt essentially a career ending blow. In his (somewhat short) career in sales and marketing He had risen through the ranks. Ran a National sales division for a cutting edge marketing company based out of Connecticut. Then Helped launch a transportation collection company out of Olive Branch, MS directly following that up. A will and a want to help others and not afraid to stick his neck out there to be heard, not afraid to do the things today that most won’t in order to do the things later that most can’t. A hardened personality of determination, insistence, and perseverance, yet a man highly misunderstood.

Imagine the jolting stop and complete disruption that creates going from living comfortably and not having to worry about items of security and necessity like rent and car note, to losing 3 homes in the past 4 years directly the result of being framed by the local and state government utilizing the help of the chief Federal Law Enforcement Agency, the Department of Justice. They chose one of the stupidest crimes to run with which was an impossibility to have been committed. All to avoid a lawsuit from a prior false arrest and to provide benefit and assistance to the incoming Mayor whom comes up for re-election next month! That through a “Trickle Down” effect has now employed and involved all 3 branches of Government including the DOJ, multiple state agencies, multiple courts, Judges, and even the cooperation of many attorneys whom among those is Rhea Tannehill, the husband of the Oxford Mayor.

Demonstrating a complete refusal to back down and ferociousness in the face of fear, Matt Reardon instead chose the route of learning the laws, court procedures, and completely sharpening of his skills as an investigative Journalist.

Shown above is the latest Documentary release “The Patriot Games Continue”.

Check out http://ridingwiththeoutlaw.com.

I need society to align itself on this for the sake of our legal system as well as our freedoms.

Be Brave, Be Bold, Be Courageous, and make your stand

Matt Reardon

Guerrilla Journalist, Editor, Reporter, Producer, & Director of RIDING WITH THE OUTLAW| The Oxford Outlaw


[email protected]

When freedom is outlawed, only outlaws will be free

A return call from the MBI that will render you speechless

Ask yourself, what is stopping the Corrupt parts of our Government to come after anybody including you next for any reason they disagree with if they are allowed to successfully maneuver around committing crimes like these discussed against their own citizens?

The power usurped by the Government is extremely unbalanced and not distributed between the three branches of Government as it was designed. This certainly puts a need in limiting the growth and expansion of Government, because as every other country found that caved it's own freedoms, too much power in the hands of any one person or branch of Government tends to lead straight to tyrannical lead and tyrannical suppression

So at this point citizens must make a decision… Either accept that America has completely folded to socialistic and communist ideals to include free speech being abolished and persecution for your beliefs and political speech, or taking a hard stand against the things and people you know are wrong and help protect America for another generation. To me the answer is a no brainer.


Feel free to leave a comment

City Agenda On File at city hall for 6/6/2018

Click Here to Go directly to the city hall archive for the meeting on Election Day I was slotted for after Joey East

QUICK FIVE: 5 of the most captivating moments in Matt Reardon’s new explosive Riding With The Outlaw release “The Patriot Games Continue”

First 5 Minutes of new Riding With The Outlaw release “The Patriot Games Continue” which is currently being slightly modified.The true story about a Patriotic Citizen and USMC Veteran whom was framed by the local Government and select individuals in a much larger, more sinister plot that continues to unfold. See more at Outlaw.News, RidingwiththeOutlaw.com, OxfordOutlaw.Com, or MattReardon.com
Another absolutely hair raising scene from the new 90 minute jaw dropping Riding With The Outlaw release
This is the shocker of filings that is currently before the Mississippi Court of Appeals and is expected overturn the entire “witch hunt” from 2017. Follow along and listen
Massive corruption comes to a head with Department of Justice Foul Play and Corrupt Involvement when the US Attorneys Office proves to be complicit and acting like a lifeguard “watching a child drown”. The FBI playing a clear hand in destruction of evidence really added to the drama as well. And all of this came about due to the advisement of one man who should be garnering public trust, not shredding it. Assistant US Attorney Blowhard Bob Norman. Absolute Scum of the earth

All in all, win or lose, there is one for sure message that can be taken from all of this. You never can predict if someone you wrongfully took part in criminally framing and hanging will return with a camera and microphone, making a documentary/movie or write a slew of books about you that you can never get rid of. These people destroyed my life and at the same time they gave me my life story which it in itself is one in a billion

BONUS (in case you haven’t listened to this) The war on Mainstream Media begins