Reardon Files Shocking LAST MINUTE motion with Court Of Appeals to Vacate Plea and Reverse Original Judgement in 2017 Criminal Case

In 2017 he was banished from Oxford, MS and Lafayette County along with signing a Covenant to Not Sue the City, County, Sheriffs Department, Elected Officials, and Employees. Now In 2021, Matt Reardon AKA Oxford Outlaw files an absolutely shocking Last minute “One and Done” motion for Peremptory Reversal to the Mississippi Court of Appeals at 11:59pm on September 16th to vacate his plea made and reverse judgement and order of the original 2017 criminal charge!

Lafayette County and MS State Government MUST be Punished and Stopped by any means necessary! This is TREASON

This can have lasting implications on all of us if the Lafayette County and State of Mississippi Government are successful in getting away with this extreme level of treason. They must be stopped by any means necessary! Please share this. Donations greatly appreciated to assist with the ongoing catastrophic costs of this nightmare