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Extreme Foul Play and involvement in multiple Lafayette County Circuit Court matters call for immediate recusal, investigation, review by Special Grand Jury, and probe by Civil Rights Division

Foul play regarding records being changed has occurred not once but twice in a years time!

Here is evidence of the first time I caught records being fraudulently changed in circuit court regarding my Post Conviction Relief file.

Keep in mind we have 3 circuit court judges in which cases rotate through an algorithm that randomly chooses the assigned judge on a new case in order to help ensure fairness as well as ensuring that this very thing doesn’t happen! Luther Has never ruled one time in my favor in granting me the first hearing to present evidence in open court in seeking full vindication of rights

Evidence of the continued INSISTENCE of Judge John Kelly Luther to be involved in all matters involving me which tie back to the 2017 Witchhunt.
Denial number 1
Denial number 2
Denial number 3
December 6, 2021 I probe into how and why the assigned judge could have mysteriously changed to Luther again after Deputy Circuit Clerk Chyna Sinervo told me Friday December 3rd that my randomly assigned judge was Kent Smith
The first change in Records on August 12, 2020

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Reardon Files Shocking LAST MINUTE motion with Court Of Appeals to Vacate Plea and Reverse Original Judgement in 2017 Criminal Case

Reardon files absolutely shocking Last minute “One and Done” motion for Peremptory Reversal to Mississippi Court of Appeals at 11:59pm to vacate plea and reverse judgement and order of original 2017 criminal charge!

Reardon’s Motion for Peremptory Reversal submitted just before midnight on 9/16/2021


MS Attorney General Lynn Fitch & Special AG Barbara Byrd issues response on 9/20/2021


My Rebuttal to the Response from the State Attorney General’s Office


A very concerning fact starts to show clearly when assessing the facts and the response given by the State Attorney General’s Office. Attorney General Lynn Fitch’s Office demonstrates a much higher interest, and clearly knowledge, in the Mississippi Rules of Appellate Procedure than the Mississippi Rules of Criminal Procedure. This should never be the case! The rights of the accused should always be preserved and held at a much higher level at the trial stage so as not to completely violate the rights of an innocent citizen such as what happened with my particular case. When the Mississippi Rules of Criminal Procedure are completely violated and Due Process Rights of the accused are not afforded which in turn sways the outcome in a particular legal matter, that legal matter in turn should be viewed as VOID, even FRAUDULENT through manifest procedural error committed by the state making an appeal essentially pointless to fight by the State. In this particular case, you have the State AG’s office fighting to dismiss the appeal on technicality, but where is any type of responsibility taken for the major deprivation of essentially all due process rights which the state is mandated to provide under both State and Federal Law?